Janneke (1985) graduated from the KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague) from the department of Fashion and Textile Design, in 2010. She has had the honor of interning at her fashion icons; Alexander McQueen (London) in 2008 and Vikto&Rolf (Amsterdam) in 2009.

It was there that Janneke came into contact with experimenting with materials, shapes, researching and elaborating a concept. The reason Janneke greatly admires these designers, is because they create an entire 'fantasy' world on the catwalk and are, in a way, storytellers (especially in their early days).

Translating an idea into something people can see and touch has always fascinated Janneke; as a little girl she sat and drew at her little table for hours on end. Studying at the art academy was truely a dream come true for her.

As you can see in Janneke's portfolio; she won first prize at the WIJ200 Fashion Awards (Intermezzo) in Dordrecht at the end of 2014. This collection, titled Debut Heureux, which means as much as 'a joyous beginning', marks a new phase in her life, in which she can finally be who she was meant to be and do what she loves to do; telling stories through creating.